Hair Extensions

For that dramatic transformation or special event, hair extensions bring length and volume to your locks. Our stylists go above and beyond to create an entirely natural look and provide a handy guide to keeping your extensions looking fabulous.

Tape-in hair Extensions

Tape-ins are thicker and give you picture perfect hair. Segments of hair are taped together using a double-sided keratin tape.

Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-ins provide the fastest and more affordable type of hair extension. We’ll expertly clip your extensions to deliver a seamless look.

Keratin bonded Hair extensions

Keratin bonded extensions are a delicate and complex technique which connects your hair to the hair extension using individual grains of melted keratin heated into the hair to attach it.

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We are fully trained, experienced hair professionals who focus on hair health as much as creating beautiful hair styles that look and feel fabulous.

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