Hair Colour

We have a team of professional and creative stylists who love bringing hair to life with the latest colouring techniques. The crew are industry qualified and can also use organic and natural products upon request.

Dimensional Foiling

Those fab foils provide a more controlled colour finish from root to tip, and deliver a more dramatic lightening effect, especially adding that extra shine to beautiful blondes.

Blended Balayage

You can get that true beach babe look with a Balayage. Our highly experience team of colourists are pro’s at creating a soft, natural-looking colouring effect on those lush tresses. 

Hair painting

Also known as palm painting, this freestyle method of colouring has our stylist expertly applying colour on your hair to create an all-round natural look.

Colour corrections

Whether it’s to remove the brassiness from blonde hair or rectify a DIY hair-dye mishap, we apply our expertise to rework and restore the colour you want with minimal damage to your hair.

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The feeling is Fabulous

We are fully trained, experienced hair professionals who focus on hair health as much as creating beautiful hair styles that look and feel fabulous.

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