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HBS is now a Gold Salon Select Member  

Select Salon Standards
AHC Select Salon incorporates standards in five key dimensions which are critical to salon success, and are att
ractive and meaningful to consumers, and are inspiring for potential employees.

Management and operations
Sustainable salon – includes the business plan, financial status and controls, and operational procedures.
Marketing and customer service
Customers first – includes face to face and telephone customer service, client relationship management and communications,
complaints handling procedures, product and service information, and ethical marketing.
Employment practices
Employer of choice – includes qualifications of employees, ongoing staff development and career planning, minimum of award
pay and conditions, recognition and rewards for performance, and OHS procedures and training.
Salon design and creativity
Comfort and design – salon visual appeal, client comfort, visual merchandising, image projection and cleanliness.
Environment and health
Green and healthy – Minimisation of energy and water use, waste management, supplier selection and health standards.

Salons will be required to commit to continuous development to retain accreditation. This will include ongoing professional development for the manager and staff. The AHC Select Salon standards will increase in future years, so salons seeking re-accreditation will need to have raised their standards. Ongoing commitments will include gathering regular customer satisfaction feedback, a code of conduct, and other components


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